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Bespoke Gentleman's Study

‘A thoroughly English way to work’

Throughout the Georgian and Victorian periods it was typical in most large houses that the Gentleman of the house would work on business in a special place individually designed to their taste and work needs. This place - the Gentleman’s Study was a truly private space. Highly personalised, they reflected the character and nature of their patron more than any other room in the house.

With the rich polished finish of dark hand-made furniture and the soft familiar feel of aged leather to the scent of vintage folios, these private retreats gave a calm quality ideally suited for contemplation and inspiration.

Bespoke Gentleman's Study By Wheathills' skilled Cabinet Makers and French Polishers

This elegant, bygone English tradition is now very much back in vogue. Entrepreneurs, executives both men and women are all looking for a unique space in their home allowing them to escape from today’s fast moving business world into a calmer work environment. Today’s home study captures all of the quintessential elements of the past from elegant hand made furniture, paneled libraries to highly personalized interior decoration and atrefacts, such as an exquisitely made marquetry box.

Gentlemans Study Handmade stairs    Bespoke Gentlemans Study Stairs

At Wheathills, we can help you define your traditional study in every detail. Using our new design resource centre you can review styles and fashions through the ages and choose exactly how you want your private study to look. We then take care of everything – preparing artistic impressions, working drawings through production to final interior.

Handmade Gentlemans Study    Bespoke Gentlemans Study

Our specialist teams of French Polishers and Cabinet Makers created the Gentleman's Study shown above. To take your interest in our Bespoke services further please email us - or ring us on Derby (01332) 824819 , also please feel free to visit us at Wheathills Farm, Brun Lane, Derby, DE22 4LY - please see our Contact Page for a map. We offer a no obligation survey

Bespoke Gentlemans Study

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