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Period Property Interiors

Lincoln Crown Court, Lincoln

Wheathills Restore Lincoln Crown Court

The restoration and conservation of Lincoln Crown Court was a major project with specialist work carried out under the careful supervision of English Heritage and Architect Rodney Melville.

Restoring Period Property InteriorsInitially, the work only covered the conservation of one of the Judge’s chambers, but eventually progressed to include the restoration and conservation of all of the three main courts. The scope of work covered the complete restoration and conservation of benches, judge’s chambers, galleries and the dock. Work within the galleries also covered 3 dimensional plaster which was fitted with oak concave moulding.

Restoration of Lincoln Crown CourtIn Court No. 1 and 2, the original French Polished finish was revealed by carefully removing the secondary finish. Then, all splits, shakes and broken tenons repaired, floating panels re-aligned, missing moulding and carvings replaced and all redundant service holes were plugged with ellipses of period timber. All restored timber was colour blended using natural oil based dyes to match the original and finally re-French Polished sympathetically throughout. Unlike varnish, this finish will now actually improve with age when maintained appropriately with beeswax.

Restoration of Lincoln Crown Court - Gothic entrance doorsThe magnificent gothic entrance doors were removed from their hinges and fully restored using a traditional oil finish composition of linseed, tung oil, turpentine and sunflower.

This was burnished into the wood using a hessian wrapped pebble, which had the effect of bruising the wood to allow the oil to enter without damaging the surface or finish.

Lincoln Crown Court Period Property Restoration


The work on Court No. 1, 2 and 3 of Lincoln Crown Court was so extensive it needed 12 craftsmen on site for 11 months working 6 days - the whole team being thrilled to be involved in the complete restoration of this magnificent public building.

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