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Handmade Wine Cabinets
Handmade Wine Cabinets


Handmade Bespoke Wine Cabinet - The Art Of The Cabinet Maker Detail of the cornice edging fitted with hand-made swan neck drop handles astragal glazed panels

Created for a specific use these Wine Cabinets were designed to blend with an antique environment yet individual in their own right. Their use would be to accommodate wine, dining room accessories and to display fine glassware. The cabinet bodies were created in solid mahogany with the cornice,top, skirt and cross-banded detail being finished as part of the show-wood surfaces.

The cornice is fitted with a carved dental mould beneath the first concaved detail, beneath are individually created gothic arch carvings, each gilded with 24 carat gold laid on red boule and gesso base. Itself laid onto a Satinwood background.
A glazed single door created with individual astragal glazed panels, fitted with hand-made cylinder glass enclosing adjustable glass shelves backed with an upholstered pure silk panel. The door itself is decorated with a finely carved bow and ribbon laid on as an integral part of the door and astragal mould, gilt with 24 carat gold laid on red boule and gesso. The mortise and tennon door frames being decorated with Satinwood and strung in a Boxwood, Ebony and Tulipwood string, supported on a base of five graduated drawers of satinwood, strung in Tulipwood, Boxwood and Ebony.

The first three being actual drawers and last two being a cupboard door, enclosing, in the first instance a wine cellaret and the second cabinet a removable wine rack. Each drawer was fitted with hand-made swan neck drop handles and raised escutcheons. The sides of the cabinets are decorated with book matched Satinwood veneer, strung in Tulipwood, Boxwood and Ebony and banded in Mahogany. The whole piece is supported by a moulded and shaped skirt.

The finish was created using a blend of pale shellac, warmed with orange shellac, burnished with coloured beeswax to create depth in the corners and quirks in order for these pieces to blend effortlessly into an environment of antique furniture.

A similar patination was created to that of an antique piece with the benefit of crisp clear lines and un-distressed appearance. All the carvings were created in Limewood, initially drawn directly onto a plywood former and laid into position. Our carver then began to create a carving of depth and movement, even the back was carved to create the illusion of the ribbon tails over-laying the astragal moulding and door frames. The astragal glazing beads were created individually by hand and fitted with cylinder glass which was laid on a traditional bed of linseed putty. The locks and hinges were specially made to suit positions on the cabinet most effectively and the interior of the cellaret and wine cooler has been upholstered in black leather hide.

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