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Restoring Period Property Interiors
Interior of Period Property


Period Property before Restoration Period Property after Restoration. Restoring the attic in a Grade 11 Listed building. French Polishers applying finish to restored wooden panelling.

Whatever the project, whether a grand historic house, period property or a basic vernacular building, the same conservation and restoration principles that apply to fine antique furniture are equally important for interiors that incorporate period wooden features.

The same dedicated techniques used in the workshop are seamlessly transferred to the conservation project on site maintaining consistently high standards of craftsmanship throughout every historic restoration.

For those period properties that have not fared well with the passing phases of fashion Wheathills carefully research and returned the interior back to the original design, often re-creating entire staircases, panelled walls, floors and doors, thus rejuvenating the true period atmosphere.

In retaining the elegance and finesse of historic and period interiors it is essential to export exactly the same techniques and minute attention to detail commonly employed on rare and fine furniture. By using fine quality Cabinet Making and carpentry that draws upon traditional techniques a genuine empathy with the original wooden features of your house can be achieved, resulting in a beautiful period interior totally conserved and restored for the enjoyment and benefit of all - not just for now but for future generations as well.

Our approach to creating a museum-standard fine interior finish is exactly the same as that we employ on fine antique furniture. Adopting the same standards of craftsmanship, quality and care, with each stage of the process hand-finished and lovingly applied, generates the best traditional finish possible.

This careful but time-consuming approach makes a noticeable difference, creating a very subtle sheen naturally blending with its surroundings and gracefully improves with age as the natural materials meld and begin to work with the ancient woods.

To further your interest in our Period Interiors Restoration and Conservation services please email us or ring us on Derby (01332) 824819 , also you are very welcome to visit us in our restored 18th Century Derbyshire premises at Wheathills Farm, Brun Lane, Derby, DE22 4LY - please see our Contact Page for a map.


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